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Tengchong Sanyond Stone Co.,Ltd.

China 7th
Company Profile
  • Business Type:
    Quarry Owner, Factory, Exporter
  • Main Products:
    lava stone,basalt,granite,marble,
  • Country/Region:
    45 China
  • Established:
    Apr 04, 2002
  • NO. of Employees:
    51 ~ 200
  • Annual Turnover:
    US$ 2.5 ~ 5 Million
  • Authentication:
  • Verification Type:
  • √ Certificates
Cheng Zhang
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Factory Photos
Project Show
This project is located in Brussels' downtown. We supplied nearly 10,000 square meter honed lava paver to this project.
Recommended Products
  • Brushed Lava Rock Floor Tile & Slab, Lava Stone Black Basalt
  • Micro-Pore Sawn Black Lava Stone Slabs & Tiles, China Grey Basalt
  • Red(Brown) Basalt Lava Rock Tiles & Slabs , Lava Stone Red Basalt
  • Brushed Lava Stone Tile & Slab, China Black Basalt
  • Grey Brushed Basalt Stone Medium Pore,Lava Rock Tiles & Slabs
  • Yunnan Honed Black Lava Stone,Basalt Tiles, Basalt Slab
  • Black Lava Stone Slabs & Tiles, Black Lava Stone Basalt Slabs & Tiles
  • Big Pore Lava Stone Basalt Tiles & Slabs, China Grey Basalt
  • Grey Sawn Lava Rock,Lava Stone Tiles & Slabs, Grey Basalt Lava Rock Basalt Tiles
  • Red(Brown) Lava Stone,Basalt Tiles & Slabs
  • Special Lava Stone Tea Plate Handcraft, Lava Stone Basalt Handcrafts
  • Special Lava Stone Craft Skull, Lava Stone Basalt Art Works
  • White Jade Marble Lion Sculpture
  • White Jade Marble Handicraft, Art Work Carved Works for Decoration
  • China Yunnan Sandstone Relief & Etching, Wall Reliefs
  • Black Lava Stone Panel, Black Basalt Building & Walling
  • Split Face Lava Stone Wall Stone
  • Split Face Lava Stone, China Basalt Cultured Stone
  • Split Face Lava Stone Walling Panels
  • Split Face Red Brown Lava Stone, Volcanic Lava Stone Cultured Stone
  • Brushed Face Black Lava Stone, Volcanic Lava Stone Building & Walling
  • Split Face Volcano Black Lava Stone, Volcanic Basalt Building & Walling
  • Soft Red Lava Landscaping,Basalt Castle Wall
  • Basalt Lava Cultured Stone, China Grey Basalt
  • Culture Stone Lave Stone Castle Stone,Basalt Lave Culture Stone
  • Split Face Lava Stone Cobble, Black Basalt Cobbles
  • Random Size Basalt Lava Stone, Grey Basalt Cobble & Pavers
  • Special-Shaped Flagstone Basalt Black Stone for Paving
  • Lava Stone Flower Pot Red Volcanic Basalt Stone Pot
  • Red Lava Stone, Multi Color Basalt Flagstone Pavers, Irregular Flagstones
  • Cobble Stone Flower Pots
  • China Ancient Blue Stone Roller Stone Garden Design Millstone Landscaping Products Bluestone Roller Millstone Landscape Design Millstone Old Stone Garden Stone
  • Used Millstone/Ancient Millstone/Millstone/Old Millstone/Handmade Millstone/Mill Roller Stone/Lava Stone Millstone/Landscaping Millstone
  • China Yunnan Bluestone Cube Stone & Pavers,Courtyard Road Pavers,Exterior Pattern
  • China Yunnan Black Basalt Honed Lava Stone Cube Stone for Paving
  • Hot Sale Basalt Craft Ashtray, Lava Stone Grey Basalt Artifacts & Handcrafts
  • Basalt Lava Stone Handcraft Sculpture for Decoration
  • Lava Stone Handcraft Flower Vase, Lava Stone Basalt Handcrafts
  • Basalt Lava Stone Vase Handcraft for Sale
  • Hot Sale Basalt Lava Stone Craft Vase, Lava Stone Basalt Art Works
  • Lava Stone Handcraft Flower Vase for Decoration
  • Yunnan Basalt Lava Stone Honed Mosaic Tile
  • Yunnan Basalt Lava Black Honed Mosaic Tile
  • White Jade Marble Decorative Pots for Decoration
  • Yunnan Basalt Lava Stone Mosaic Tile Honed, China Black Basalt

Contact Details

  • Telephone: 0871-65658739
  • Fax No: 0871-65658739
  • Mobile: 0086-18988426638
  • Company Address
    Hehua town,Tengchong County,Yunan province,China

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